Riding equipment maintenance: clean leather

Adequate maintenance of leather products we use in our horse riding is very important. Horse accesories are exposed to dirt, mud, humidity and sweat, factors causing deterioration. With some basic care, you can keep the riding equipment in good condition:


Limpieza de una silla de cuero Marjoman empleando Parisol limpiador del cuero paso 1
Limpieza de una silla de montar de cuero Marjoman empleando Parisol limpiador del cuero paso 1
  1. Keep always clean your saddle: use a leather cleaner (step 1) to remove traces of sweat, mud, etc. Enrich and nourish the leather with a leather conditioner (step 2). Apply both products with a sponge for better absorption and a perfect finish.
  2. Apply glycerin bar: in thick leather is convenient to use. When the leather is dry, is very effective leather oil (avoid excess product that will not stain clothes).
  3. If the saddle has suede or suede parts, can brush them with a strong bristle brush (avoid applying products that are not specific to this material can cause damage).



Bridles and other leather products:
1. Clean the leather product with glycerin or use step 1 and step 2 above.
2. Apply leather oil (softens the leather, so it is the right product to beautify the mosqueros of the Spanish saddles).
3. Grease if necessary.