Distinguishing of Marjoman saddles

Trazabilidad sillas españolas y portuguesas
Number of traceability of a Portuguese saddle

Do you want to know if your saddle was manufactured by Marjoman?

Saddles manufactured by Marjoman has some peculiarities that makes it easily recognizable.

The first and most important is the traceability number, used to to be monitored and controlling the saddle since manufacture. MARJOMAN incorporates it since 2004 in all its saddles. It’s like the “license plate”, each saddle has its own and this reference is different for each.

Trazabilidad sillas inglesas Marjoman
Marjoman logo, model and reference in English saddles
Trazabilidad sillas vaqueras Marjoman
Piece of leather that protect the buckles

Where is placed the  traceability number of my saddle?
In English, Spanish and Portuguese saddles, you can find this number engraved at the inside part of the flap. In English saddles, besides, is placed the model and Marjoman logo.

In “vaqueras” saddles, the traceability number is engraved in the leather that protect the buckles (see picture).

Clavillo de una silla Marjoman
Logo-nail of a Marjoman saddle

Other identifying markings: the logo-nail

Logo-nail is in all the saddles manufactured by Marjoman, except vaqueras saddles. It is located on the outside of the saddle (see picture).

Other identifying markings: warranty label

Etiqueta de garantía Marjoman
Marjoman warranty label

The saddles manufactured in our factory have a warranty label.
Marjoman warranty covers manufacturing defects.
The saddle tree of all our saddles is guaranteed for a period not less than five years.

Other identifying markings: Marjoman logo
Marjoman logo is engraved or printed in different parts of the saddle. In the pictures you can see some examples.

Logo Marjoman grabado en el cuero
Marjoman logo engraved in leather
Logo Marjoman en una montura inglesa
Marjoman logo in a English saddle