Riding equipment maintenance: clean leather

Adequate maintenance of leather products we use in our horse riding is very important. Horse accesories are exposed to dirt, mud, humidity and sweat, factors causing deterioration. With some basic care, you can keep the riding equipment in good condition:


Limpieza de una silla de cuero Marjoman empleando Parisol limpiador del cuero paso 1
Limpieza de una silla de montar de cuero Marjoman empleando Parisol limpiador del cuero paso 1
  1. Keep always clean your saddle: use a leather cleaner (step 1) to remove traces of sweat, mud, etc. Enrich and nourish the leather with a leather conditioner (step 2). Apply both products with a sponge for better absorption and a perfect finish.
  2. Apply glycerin bar: in thick leather is convenient to use. When the leather is dry, is very effective leather oil (avoid excess product that will not stain clothes).
  3. If the saddle has suede or suede parts, can brush them with a strong bristle brush (avoid applying products that are not specific to this material can cause damage).



Bridles and other leather products:
1. Clean the leather product with glycerin or use step 1 and step 2 above.
2. Apply leather oil (softens the leather, so it is the right product to beautify the mosqueros of the Spanish saddles).
3. Grease if necessary.

The protagonists of the Warcraft movie rode on Marjoman saddles

The film adaptation of the popular video game Warcraft reaches the Spanish screens on Friday, June 3 littered with fantastic scenery, special effects, famous actors and… saddles manufactured in Spain.

The protagonist, Travis Fimmel, in one of the scenes on horseback
The original saddle manufactured by Marjoman

The production team of the film directed by Duncan Jones chose the company Marjoman (Spain) to make the saddles that would ride the protagonists –and much of the rest of cast of this American blockbuster. Thus, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton and Dominic Cooper (Anduin Lothar, Garona and King Llane in fiction) used in their scenes horse saddles made in Spain but in keeping with the aesthetics of the movie. They also incorporated other accessories like bridles and breastplates.

(fotograma chica) la montura de la protagonista se inspiró en la silla Riaño ... De Marjoman
The saddle of the femail protagonist was inspired by the Riano model of Marjoman

Jose Luis Castellanos, manager in Marjoman, retains a replica of the saddle made for the character of King Llane, a nice combination of brown leather with royal blue suede leather.

Two frames where we can see the King Llane saddle and the original saddle manufactured by Marjoman
Another of the models appearing in the film, in the Marjoman factory, during the manufacturing process

According to Jose Luis Castellanos, “working on this project was a nice experience. The relationship with the production team was very friendly and I think the result was spectacular. The production team of the film Warcraft contacted us in autumn 2013 (shortly before the start of the shoot) for the development of several elements that lead the horses and we were several weeks working closely to get to materialize the designs they had created.”

Marjoman company has extensive experience in developing products for film and television. Another of its major projects was his contribution to the film Prince of Persia. A version of the saddle made for this film belongs to the catalog of Marjoman.


8 reasons for buying Marjoman products

1. Their design. Marjoman products are designed by experienced saddlers. Its saddles are result of the evolution of different traditional types of riding. All have been extensively tested by professional and amateur riders with excellent results.
2. Manufacturing. Marjoman has a spacious fully equipped factory where the traditional method are fused with the most advanced technology in the sector. A team of highly qualified and experienced professionals manufactures the products using traditional methods.
fabrica-silla-marjoman3. Raw materials. Materials used by Marjoman are carefully selected to offer the best quality in all its products. The leather used in saddles, bridles, saddlebags and other accessories comes from the best European tanneries; the cloth and other textiles of its saddle pads is woven in factories in the region (such as the highly regarded bejarano woolen cloth), plus versatile materials of last generation; also, all the buckles used have high quality (bronze, stainless steel).
4. Customer can request his custom product. Marjoman can adapt its saddles to the gullet of each horse or manufacture the bridles according to measurements provided by the customer, taking into account the peculiarities of each case. The final product will perfectly suit the horse.a-medida
5. A product Marjoman allows many combinations. As manufacturer, Marjoman can manufacture its saddles, bridles, breastplates, etc. in any combination of colors (natural leather, black, brown, white green suede leather, red, black, beige golden buckles, nickel plated, black oiled). You may also select different finishes and styles (Portuguese, English, Spanish).
6. The possibility to customize the product. Marjoman can add a symbol, brand, initials… to the product chosen by the customer.  almohadilla-hierro
7. After sales service. Marjoman offers a 6 years warranty on its saddle-trees and two years on the other components by manufacturing defects. Additionally, can carry out maintenance and repairs that are necessary.
8. The price. The value is unsurpassed. It is difficult to find on the market products with so high quality and reasonable prices. Many times some people have brought to the factory, for maintenance, saddles manufactured here over 30 years ago. The Marjoman saddles are an investment for life.