Our company committed to constant innovation. Our latest achievement has been the XpandGirth, the girth that adapts to the breathing needs of the horse (patent pending), and thermoformable tree (patented), that can be adjusted to manufacture saddles to fit every horse.


Cincha XpandGirth
Girth designed and developed by Marjoman

XpandGirth is the final result of an exhaustive study developed by experts involved in the world of riding and the product of the search for the most versatile and less agressive materials for the contact with the horse.

En la fabricación de nuestra XpandGirth se emplean materiales de óptima calidad
We manufacture our XpandGirth with optimum quality materials

XpandGirth is made in Spain according to the way of working which has always characterized Marjoman: craftwork combined with the newest technology and the use of the most advanced materials with an outstanding quality.

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Thermoformable trees

Armadura termoformable Marjoman
Thermoformable tree patented by Marjoman

In collaboration with engineers experts in industrial design, we have developed our thermoformable tree model. After an exhaustive study to determine what material was best suited to the characteristics of a saddle (for their strength, flexibility, tensile strength, etc.) concluded that the main component would be polypropylene. The composition consists of other secondary elements and has been patented by Marjoman. Before its release, all our models have been tested in a fatigue test, which has to verify a technological leap over the previous and we can offer customers a 6 year warranty against breakage.

Armaduras termoformables Marjoman